Inking up!

Inking up!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

In the lap of Mother Nature

Another post so soon? yes. I felt a need. Tomorrow I begin a retreat for 8 days. The retreat last summer was so sweet. I gained so much. I have to do it again.

It is wonderful when you are in a place of nature with no talking, no outside world, all your needs so easy to care for. It frees my mind to wind down its worrying and come to rest. Sad to say, I have been called "The Worrier Princess" quite a bit.

With my mind at rest I am so present. The world around me looks so vibrant and alive, which of course it is, but when my mind is full with thoughts I am so easily distracted.

When I can shift/change my perspective the whole world changes. I have had such beautiful experiences when I remember that my thoughts are directing my experience, and when I can observe my thoughts and their power to create, the shift happens.

Bill and I went for a long walk today. We finally found the eagles nest we knew was nearby. We weren't looking for it, but the sounds were so loud coming out of it, we couldn't miss it. Nearly every day there are two or three eagles circling over our neighborhood.

I also saw a male tanager today in the trees. It's bright orangey red head caught my eye. It is the first one I have seen at our house. I feel so blessed. When Bill and I sit in our living room we are looking directly out a huge picture window into the yard. We call it our TV. I have to say, we get the best reception.

OK, I will post when I return. I have some time left today to get some more work done before I leave, and I best get to it.

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