Mineral School Artist Residency

Mineral School Artist Residency
Daydreamer's Journal – installation at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Grab Back Comics – Re-Refashioning Identity

I submitted a piece to Grab Back Comics, a comics anthology on sexual assault, harassment, rape culture, and advocacy by Erma Blood of Seattle, WA. Erma had seen the piece I made for Re-Fashioning Identity and encouraged me to keep working it.

Refashioning Identity was a stitching project guided by 
artist Diana Weymar for the University of Puget Sound, 
Tacoma community. Each contributor was given one 
cotton-lined page upon which to stitch their concept. My 
page was inspired by paper dolls and the messages that 
are projected onto our clothing choices, as well as the 
messages we tell ourselves when we wear them.

My piece for Grab Back Comics is a conflation of thoughts that bombard me each morning while getting dressed: the what to wear vs. should wear, fun vs. fear, and what makes the culture feel safe, even if it makes me feel fake.

Erma will be presenting Grab Back Comics at a Comics & Medicine conference in Seattle mid-June. I'm excited my piece was included!