Inking up!

Inking up!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

To Oz and Back

After hosting a party Thursday night, Bill and I got up Friday and drove to Ozette, a beautiful place on the Washington Coast. I have been going here for more than 25 years, and have probably been about 25 times. I never get tired of it, the magic is always there.

You can't actually drive to Ozette. You can drive to Lake Ozette, and then hike in to the coast. So that's what we do.

There are two trails that together with a 3 mile stretch on the beach make nearly a 10 mile loop. There's forest, marsh, and bog.

After walking a 3.3 mile trail you come out to the beach and it is beautiful!

Up north of the loop is a special place we like to visit. It adds about 2 extra miles to our walk, but we can't skip it.

When Bill and I met it was at a meeting with a lot of people. I mentioned to the group that I was going to Ozette the next month (May), and two people who had never been wanted to go. One of them was Bill. It was an especially magical Ozette weekend and the beginning of Bill and I becoming friends. We saw each other often after that, and we were married 4 months later! So now my regular May Ozette trips are part of our anniversary celebrations.

Between the two trails at Wedding Rock are the petroglyphs.

It's easy to miss the petroglyphs, from what I hear. I think there are around 100 of them, we saw about 25 or so.

There are two headlands that you can't get around at high tide, requiring a person to time their petroglyph viewing appropriately. When you are there it is easy to see why. We had to jump around tide pools and between two large rock croppings to get by.

This cropping looked fun from a distance, but up close the wind was so strong it could rip your face off and some of the rocks would just as soon cut you as look at you. This trip was the windiest I have ever experienced here, but otherwise the sky was lavish with sunshine.

We saw lots of eagles and a few ravens. I always do, but this time it was different. The eagles were much closer than usual. Finally we came across a dead seal on the beach, and birds were all around. Eagles were up in the trees and flying low circles overhead, waiting for their turn, I guess, at some easy pickings.

This rock's markings was a mystery. Bill found it in a tide pool. Does anybody know? The marks will wipe right off.

Big or small, the rocks fascinate us.

After a long hike of 12 miles we were back at camp. We had starting walking in at 2:30pm and got back to camp at nearly 9:30pm. It was a long day.

We got up early the next morning and starting driving south.

We decided to go up to the Hoh rainforest National Park and walk around a bit.

It was a rare sunny day in a place that averages 124 inches of rain per year.

We walked 6 more miles, making a total of 18 miles walked in 24 hours.

We were so sore in the legs and feet (and still are), but who could we call? The walking was done and there was just driving home left to do.

But first, or rather last, fish and chips at Kalaloch and a final peek at the ocean.


  1. thankyou for sharing a magical memory laced trip. what a beautiful coast--i only know the maine coast a little. and the petroglyphs. wow! looks like a book in this post!

  2. Velma, come out some time and I will take you there. It is so beautiful, it touches everyone.

  3. i followed a trail back to you from Velma's
    and i'm so glad i did
    Ozette seems a magical place
    definitely on the whirled wandering list
    for the interval
    when time and space allow