Mineral School Artist Residency

Mineral School Artist Residency
Daydreamer's Journal – installation at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Beyond Blue

It's been so long since I posted anything, I have been working so hard to get multiple projects done for multiple shows. But here is my latest, Beyond Blue. It's a spool/scroll book - an embroidered poem spooled around a seal knuckle bone, a map sewn into a piece of indigo dyed cotton, an agate from an ocean beach, and a salmon leather box I beaded together. The salmon leather was made by my sweetie, Billy.

I'll be making more salmon leather boxes, and I do have a few more bones to wind . . . so it's back to work time already!

Below is Mother's Measure, my first embroidered spool/scroll book.  It features two poems, the second a found text within the first. It celebrates my mother's dedication and sacrifice to sewing my clothes when I was young.

As a letterpress printer, I have always loved the way setting type has slowed me down and allowed me to take in each letter, sound, and the sometimes silliness of English. I am thinking that sewing texts has become an even slower, but necessary antidote to all the digital video work I am doing of late.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Bees Knees

 I have a lot of creative irons in the fire.

The newest, direct animation, is so much fun! I started letterpress printing on film leader, and have two very short clips below. One is bees and butterflies, the other is a font of type set in the press before distribution. It makes a crazy sound, like a cello! This is the ink printed over the sound file on the edge of the film. I love it! (You might turn your sound down a tad, it's a little loud.)

I'm having a great time with all the different processes I've been engaging, but find it hard to switch gears. This weekend I am off to do a bunch of video work on beautiful Bainbridge Island!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Slow Fast

I fasted the last few days. 
I ate Friday morning and then drank only water till Sunday afternoon. 
I went from Thursday night until Sunday night without chocolate. 

What I love most about fasting is the way space and time expand. 
My perceptions soften.

I am delighted by everything.