Inking up!

Inking up!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Word From The Judges

In a few days the announcement for the winner of the Miss Floralia Pageant will go out to my subscribers. After that I'll post the results here. But first, I thought it would be fun to share what the judges have said (anonymously) about the Blooming Beauties ---
"Results have surprised even myself!" "[Contestants'] answers need a little more thought!" "Mr. Billy Bumble was a dandy and charming host!" "Miss Monkshood. . . all her talk about poisons. . . it looks rather suspicious!" "Miss Zinnia is the prettiest, but she needs to get a life -- pollinators are no doubt wonderful but there is more to life."

One judge gave each contestant a short bit of praise: to Miss Monkshood he said "Purple is always royal"; and to Miss Jasmine he said " After all that climbing you still look good in white." But Miss Rose seemed to trigger his indifference because all he could say to her was " Sorry, I have that hat." This judge also tried to sneak extra points to Miss Zinnia, which is not allowed. This judge was caught, fortunately.

One judge who shall remain doubly anonymous deeply criticized the numerical rating system as inadequate. We received a two page letter of her thorough evaluation. She seemed to be under the impression that dating the Bloomies was allowed and this deeply influenced her voting. Fortunately, she thought Miss Zinnia was a little too "experienced" and Miss Daisy too indecisive for her tastes. Miss Rose she thought full of herself, Miss Jasmine too much of a hippie (???), and Miss Allium a bit shallow as a "one issue" kind of gal. She admitted that Miss Dandelion was not "her type" though did admire her beauty and that she could "hold her own in any lawn." Miss Monkshood scared her, but in a way that she found attractive. And she was rated high for "passion" and "poison." (Not official pageant categories) Fortunately this judge finally settled her attentions on Mr. Billy Bumble (who would never let it go to his stinger) and rated him three 5's! (the highest anyone could get!) Another judge also put Mr. Bumble in the line up and gave him high marks. This judge also wished for more information about all the gals, and I hope this blog will satisfy her.

The pageant in general seemed to gain a lot of cheers: "May the best bud win!" "May the best bloom prevail!" and excitement among the judges that participated: "It was a pleasure serving as one of the Miss Floralia judges." "Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime to participate in the Miss Floralia contest." Even in advance of the ballots one chosen judge wrote: "Please know that I faithfully and anxiously await the ballot."

This was all real mail I received. I couldn't make this stuff up! Thank you so very, very much to all the judges!

Next posting will reveal who won the "Miss Congeniality 2009" title.

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