Inking up!

Inking up!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Miss Floralia Blooming Contest

The Miss Floralia Blooming Contest is the first subscription issue for 2009. It began on a slightly different theme, and then (I must confess) I was drawn into the news on the web about the Miss California/Miss America scandal (never mind if you missed it). So I sent a letter to my subscribers inviting them to be the judges for the Blooming Pageant. Every pageant needs a host, and my sweetheart Billy was happy to pose.

Mr. Billy Bumble introduced the seven Blooming Beauties (text letterpressed on the back) competing for Miss Floralia, Queen of the Garden for 2009.

Ironically, shortly after this was printed, Bill was stung by a hornet and his arm swelled up to the shoulder. We were visiting in Illinois at the time and Bill spent the plane ride home dosed on Benadryl.

Here are the Bloomies: Miss Monkshood (poor Miss Monkshood, so many of the judges didn't know anything about her), Miss Jasmine, Miss Allium, and Miss Daisy.

On the backs of each are questions such as: "What can you tell us about yourself?" "What are your hobbies?" and "What would you most like to change in the Garden?" Each answered in character for their flower characteristics, and of course with lots of personality! Miss Allium is of course a spicy gal. Miss Daisy seemed not to know whether she liked something or not. She sort of lost her composure, getting low scores in 'poise.' Miss Jasmine was hard to define, but of course she would love to change the garden into a more consistenly better smelling place. Her hobby is climbing.

Miss Dandelion has been one of my favorites, such an interesting personality, but like the garden variety, not popular with everyone. She would forbid those forked weeding tools in the garden if voted Miss Floralia. Miss Rose is a beauty, but her personality is, shall we say, a little thorny. Her hobby is collecting weapons, sharp ones! Miss Zinnia has a bright smile and lovely face, but seems a bit occupied with pollinators and getting pollinated.

Each judge was sent the packet with a ballot. They were asked to vote on beauty, poise, and personality. Most (but not all) of the judges responded and this has been the best part of all. Next post I'll report in on some of the judges interesting comments.

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