Inking up!

Inking up!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rain and rainbow shells

It's been a rainy, rainy time. I have been trying to get pictures of the hazel tree in it's blooming stages, but it has been a challenge in this weather. Bill got this shot. Hazels are one of my favorite winter bloomers. And one of my favorites overall.

We sleep with the window open, and though I am generally a very hard sleeper, sometimes I wake and hear the rain. The other night I dreamt that water was flooding around my studio. A year ago this wasn't just a dream. It was actually happening. I had to go get Bill from work so we could both work on digging trenches. He called it Catherine Creek when I told him there was a stream running down the driveway.

Six years ago this month I was on Sanibel Island in Florida. I don't wish I was there now necessarily, just appreciating the opportunity to step into a different place when I really needed it. I had a book project in mind that justified me needing to be there to collect shells. I also have great friends who made it possible.

We'll see if I ever put them into a binding!

My favorite are the little coquina sunrise rainbows.

Three years ago this month I was back, with Billy. You can take in so much more of a place the second time around. And of course, it can take in so much more of you!

I think of Florida a lot this time of year, not just because I was there in January, but because the year is new. I start out with lots of enthusiasm and energy for all I think I can accomplish in the studio in a year. I had such great plans for these seashells. And so I re-visit this idea as sort of a new year's overview of my goals. It is really an ambitious book idea. I am working to become the person who can create it.

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  1. beautiful photos, the shells are such treasure. and i like what you wrote about working to become the person who can do the book project. sometimes it picks you. sounds like you're for it, ready or not! it'll be ok.