Bollywood wannabes

Bollywood wannabes
The photo above is me and my new Nepali sister, Swasthani. We'll be teaching Nepali cooking classes at the Olympia Food Co-op in May. I am very excited to be sharing the kitchen and learning from her as we teach others. She's an awesome cook, but I hear my samosas are pretty good, too.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Bees Knees

 I have a lot of creative irons in the fire.

The newest, direct animation, is so much fun! I started letterpress printing on film leader, and have two very short clips below. One is bees and butterflies, the other is a font of type set in the press before distribution. It makes a crazy sound, like a cello! This is the ink printed over the sound file on the edge of the film. I love it! (You might turn your sound down a tad, it's a little loud.)

I'm having a great time with all the different processes I've been engaging, but find it hard to switch gears. This weekend I am off to do a bunch of video work on beautiful Bainbridge Island!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Slow Fast

I fasted the last few days. 
I ate Friday morning and then drank only water till Sunday afternoon. 
I went from Thursday night until Sunday night without chocolate. 

What I love most about fasting is the way space and time expand. 
My perceptions soften.

I am delighted by everything.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Postcard Poets

I have joined a long list of poets - 424 - who are writing a poem a day on the back of a postcard and sending it off to a new person each day for 31 days. (That means I should also get 31 poems on postcards!) Each day's poem is supposed to be written that day and we are to write the first original draft on the back of the postcard and mail it out right away. It is an exercise in being fresh and fast — no do-overs! I am excited to write my 31 postcards for August.

If you are reading this and want to get a postcard poem - send me your name and snail mail address to wherever you live in the world, and I will send you one from me! Send it to the gmail account attached to this blog or find me on Facebook (Catherine Alice) and send me a personal message. You will put me over the 31 mark - but I will still send it during August, doubling up on an extra inspirational day.

Thanks! I need the nudge. Later I will post some of the postcards poems here.