The Proof is in the Pink

The Proof is in the Pink
This proof is begging for some words to go inside. Any offerings?

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Pressure to Print

Pressure printing was the way I created all my image work for this latest edition. Learned from Kathy Kuehn two decades ago, pressure printing is my favorite way of getting ink onto paper. Over 30 print runs, front and back, went into this piece.  

It is titled Sola: A Mythical Story About A Real Girl. I nearly titled it Sola: A Real Story About a Mythical Girl.  They seem equally true. Sola learns to see herself in everything and everything in herself. It's a condensed version of my own healing and transformation.

I was fortunate to be commissioned to create a piece for the "Just One Look" exhibit now showing at the University of Washington Allen Library, Special Collections. The request and theme of the show pushed me in unexpected directions that yielded so much. Without this opportunity, I would not have been able to know the end of my story.

If you can't get to the "Just One Look" exhibit at the UW (and really you should - or look for the catalogue - the show is loaded with incredible work) then visit the PSBA members show in Tacoma at UPS this summer! 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Whose Got the Button?

Here at May Day Press I am dreaming a new project into being. It is called Button Box. It began simply. I made a hand sewn book with stitched text wound on a wooden spool and put it in an art show. Several people came up to me with stories related to someone who sews. The stories were touching and full of heart. I wondered, what will happen to these stories when the people who tell them are gone?

Stories can be like buttons kept in a box, buttons we may need to use to replace what today feels reliable and true, but can be lost, loaned, or given up on. Without them we can feel vulnerable and perhaps a little naked, or we may feel free and energized to be less defined/confined. I may be stretching the metaphor a little far here, but I take stories seriously in that I know our identity is created from our stories. As our identities change or beliefs dropped, the old button isn't needed anymore!

Whether button or story comes first, write it down and send it in. I am creating a repository for stories and buttons as well as choosing several of the entries to be letterpress printed as broadsides. You can find the vision and specs here on my website: Thank you!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Long Hours — Short Distance

A proof printed over a proof. My favorite prints are often the ones that never make it into my books.

I feel I have been moving at a snail's pace lately, so there is a snail in my latest book. If I were a mollusk, this would be me. The book is so fresh that the ink is still wet on the cover and not a copy yet bound. But by this time tomorrow I hope for both book and box to be done.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Beyond Blue

It's been so long since I posted anything, I have been working so hard to get multiple projects done for multiple shows. But here is my latest, Beyond Blue. It's a spool/scroll book - an embroidered poem spooled around a seal knuckle bone, a map sewn into a piece of indigo dyed cotton, an agate from an ocean beach, and a salmon leather box I beaded together. The salmon leather was made by my sweetie, Billy.

I'll be making more salmon leather boxes, and I do have a few more bones to wind . . . so it's back to work time already!

Below is Mother's Measure, my first embroidered spool/scroll book.  It features two poems, the second a found text within the first. It celebrates my mother's dedication and sacrifice to sewing my clothes when I was young.

As a letterpress printer, I have always loved the way setting type has slowed me down and allowed me to take in each letter, sound, and the sometimes silliness of English. I am thinking that sewing texts has become an even slower, but necessary antidote to all the digital video work I am doing of late.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Bees Knees

 I have a lot of creative irons in the fire.

The newest, direct animation, is so much fun! I started letterpress printing on film leader, and have two very short clips below. One is bees and butterflies, the other is a font of type set in the press before distribution. It makes a crazy sound, like a cello! This is the ink printed over the sound file on the edge of the film. I love it! (You might turn your sound down a tad, it's a little loud.)

I'm having a great time with all the different processes I've been engaging, but find it hard to switch gears. This weekend I am off to do a bunch of video work on beautiful Bainbridge Island!